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Top-rated keynote speaker on Marketing, Customer Research and Gen Z 

Sarah's talks are perfect for marketing and digital conferences, corporate events, and team training. She speaks on a range of topics related to customer research, experience design, and the new rules of marketing for Generation Z. Audiences buzz with inspiration and know-how as they learn to understand their customers on a deeper level and design experiences that matter.

Each keynote is customized to create meaningful, measurable improvements for attendees. Audiences range from 25 to 3,000 and her presentations are customized to meet the needs of each audience. Below are a list of Sarah's core topic areas.

Most popular talk topics can be found below. Not seeing what you need? Just holler!


Generation Z

Move over Millennials, there’s a new kid in town. Today, Generation Z (ages 13-24) outpaces Millennials by 3 million. As the largest generation, this group represents 40% of consumers and $44 billion in direct buying power—imagine what this will be once they get jobs! This generation is wielding its mighty influence on every other generation, in every industry. Yet marketing departments are still caught up in the Millennial whirlwind and are missing the massive potential of Generation Z. This generation of digital natives is an entirely different type of consumer—one that you need a new marketing strategy to reach.


InstaBrain: Snap Into the Minds of Generation Z (most popular talk!)
Based on her book InstaBrain, Sarah presents the new rules of marketing for this large (and very different!) generation. Learn how your future customers find products, engage with, and learn from brands like yours. One of the best parts of this talk is the captivating videos of teens actually completing tasks on their phones! If you don’t know this about Generation Z, you’ll be out of business before you can say “IG”.

InstaBrain: The Educator’s Plan for Compelling Curricula
For Generation Z, intellect is the new black. They pride themselves on their intelligence, analytical abilities, diligence, and creative problem solving. In this talk, we walk through how this generation views learning, attention, and what educators can do to engage and teach in new and meaningful ways.




Customer Research

From mobile diary studies to in-home ethnographic research to using virtual reality to test concepts with customers, Sarah will inspire, entertain, and educate you on new research techniques for your marketing department. These qualitative research methods will help you delve into the minds of your customers to learn psychological insights about what sparks their attention, motivates their behavior, and builds brand loyalty. Even the most avid user researchers will learn techniques they've never tried before to gather meaningful insights about customer behavior. 


Those Magic Moments: Pinpoint The Moments that Matter to Your Customers
How do you identify the moments that make the biggest impact to your customers? This talk walks you through the best research methods to map a customer’s journey including “live” mobile diary studies, ethnographic research, and using virtual reality to test concepts. You’ll learn how to map and isolate key touchpoints in your customer’s experience.

Personas & Journey Mapping: The Modern Marketer’s Approach
Even with mounds of customer research, if the results don't translate into design, it's almost like the research didn't happen. Learn to create personas and journey maps that matter: stories that "stick" in people's minds and echo across your organization, and task-driven steps that paint a picture of what key audience segments experience while trying to complete basic tasks in a realistic and memorable way and notice faster development times and better experiences across customer touchpoints.

Mind Games: Craft Killer Experiences with Lessons from Cognitive Psychology
Learn the cognitive science behind how the brain makes decisions, and tap into the top persuasive triggers you need to know about for today’s customers. Do this, and you will craft experiences that engage and connect the right customers at the right times.


Customer Experience & Service Design

Sarah offers insights on deeply understanding customer behaviors and drivers, real-world service blueprinting, and bottom-line success stories. A refreshing voice in this space, Sarah teaches you to deeply understand your customers and their omnichannel experiences in order to create a cohesive customer experience, and spot new opportunities to break the mold, experiment, and see what happens. Pretentious academics beware: this is real-world service design.



UX Hacks: Build Better Experiences, Faster
Learn the top lean-n-mean UX hacks you can readily integrate into your research and design processes that will allow you to build better products, faster. Sarah has given this talk in short keynotes (30-60 minutes) as well as half-day and full-day workshops.

How to Manufacture Delight: Yes, there’s a formula!
As marketers, the goal of our efforts is pretty simple: engage customers to keep them coming back for more. Delight seems like a sure bet to achieve this goal. So why aren't we creating more delightful content, at scale? Turns out, it is because up until now, we didn't know what delight actually meant.

North Star: The One Workshop Your Experience Strategy is Missing
Strategic visioning brings teams together to co-create a vision & fuel blastoff growth. Learn a lean method for visioning designed to kickstart any project or business.




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With a blend of humor, straight talk, and actionable steps, Sarah delivers that perfect blend of inspiration and tangible performance-improving insight to support you in reaching your strategic marketing and user experience goals.