Sarah Weise
Sarah Weise
Keynote Speaker. Author. UX Coach.

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Sarah has been rated #1 Speaker at over 90% of her speaking engagements this year and last. She is the Founder and CEO of Bixa, customer research studio to some of the world’s most innovative brands, and the author of InstaBrain: The New Rules of Marketing to Generation Z.

Rock your next event with a keynote speaker who will captivate, inspire, and excite people about the future of marketing and teach them tactical strategies to get into the minds of their customers—and use this to make bold decisions about your brand or products.



Simply put, Sarah mesmerizes her audience. She gets people buzzing with excitement about cutting-edge trends for their customers. Her research is fresh and new. She’ll blow your mind with Gen Z insights and make you think totally differently about the future of marketing. F-ing hire her.
— Michael Salamon, Lousy
My favorite talk at Digital Summit this year. Sarah Weise is a master storyteller with memorable takeaways for building empathy into our digital lives. Will definitely be taking this back to my team.
— Viral MediaNews
Sarah is funny. She’s one of the top UX experts in the country, probably the world. She knows what she’s talking about, and leaves you with tips and tricks you can start applying right away. Practical, amusing, and inspirational.
— Pedram Farsaii, Amazon (formerly Washington Post)
Wow Sarah. Such an amazing experience and a perfect way to connect it to digital. Sometimes as developers and designers forget we’re designing for humans. The human connection and experience is what EVERYTHING is about. [Y]ou are an excellent speaker. Thanks for sharing this with us.
— Paul Hebron, KelbyOne

Keynote speaking 

Cutting-edge psychology + research insights to rock your next event.

A great keynote is your secret weapon to an event that knocks it out of the park. Choosing the right speaker sets the stage for your event, and makes a big impact on its success. Sarah Weise is a top-rated speaker in marketing and customer research. Her 15 years of expertise crafting experiences for over 100 brands—paired with her unparalleled passion and presence on the stage—not only inspires your audience to be dogged in their pursuit of a more engaging experience for customers, but also to be thrilled to be a part of your event. 

Today, we are crafting experiences for tomorrow's customers.  It’s not enough to know what our customers need at the moment. We need to be able to understand how they think and process information and make decisions so that we can anticipate what’s coming next. Every day, Sarah dreams about the future. She conducts research to find out what's next in digital marketing and media, product development, and trends in our future (Generation Y and Z) customers.

Sarah Weise helps leading companies like Google, PayPal, and Bloomberg (to name a few) capture attention, boost engagement, close sales, and power up their brands with experiences that are downright addictive. Get a sneak peek into how she does it with neuromarketing research, engaging storytelling, and actionable strategies that all culminate in one thing: memorable talks that inspire and lead to action.

Sarah is available for speaking events, corporate training, and consulting to help get into the minds of your customers, and translate deep psychological insights into strategic direction. 

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4 Reasons to book Sarah 

Because you've just found your secret weapon to engage, educate, and entertain at your next event.


A crowd pleaser!

Your audience won’t be bored. Time and again, Sarah delivers high-energy, professional-grade talks. 

Because she knows that people learn best when they're engaged, Sarah mindfully creates presentations that are interactive and lively. Attendees may find themselves singing along to a bar, or grabbing their phones to experiment with a concept on the spot.

Sarah strives to make every event a memorable experience, and places emphasis on actionable content that participants can start implementing today. 

Also, she doesn't use bullet points. Ever. 



Deep expertise, fresh eyes 

Sarah pulls from deep bench of experience in UX/CX, neuromarketing, and digital. Sarah has crafted standout experiences for over 100 brands across industries. Few people can speak about customer experience and digital marketing with more authority.

Sarah's experience extends to research on empathy with former FBI hostage negotiator, a year as a listener at a suicide hotline to study time-sensitive connection, and - in the most challenging and mind-boggling study of persuasion - raising two free-spirited girls. This rich set of experiences enables Sarah to see experiences with fresh eyes and deliver a unique perspective on the future of digital marketing, and lessons on crafting very real and human experiences.



Obsessed with story

Juicy storytelling, attention to timing, and expert delivery leaves Sarah's audiences clinging to the edge of their seats, soaking in knowledge, hungry for more. Right from the start, Sarah brings her audience with her on a journey through the senses. 

Gripping stories from a career as a user researcher, volunteer at a suicide hotline, and student of FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss lend an authenticity and unique perspective to lessons on crafting very real and human experiences. 

Attendees at Sarah's talks float through a compelling story arc with highs and lows, excitement and calm, laughter and ah-ha's. Ultimately, they walk away with lessons that stick in their minds.



Here's a little secret: for as much as audiences love Sarah, Sarah loves her audiences. Sarah sincerely believes that anyone can craft an exceptional experience. Sarah supports and empowers each person in the room with entertaining and memorable lessons, stories, and affirmations.

The result? Talks that are fresh, tailored to each audience, and loaded with research-based insights to help attendees gain a competitive business advantage. 

The impact? A world filled with delightful, intuitive experiences designed around the customer. It could put Sarah out of a job, but man! Wouldn't that be amazing?



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