I’m laughing all the way through @weisesarah’s #UtahDMC preso about GenZ. Conference organizers take note - she’s magical on stage.
— AJ Wilcox, B2Linked
My favorite talk at Digital Summit this year. Sarah Weise is a master storyteller with memorable takeaways for building empathy into our digital lives. Will definitely be taking this back to my team.
— Viral MediaNews
Sarah is funny. She’s one of the top UX experts in the country, probably the world. She knows what she’s talking about, and leaves you with tips and tricks you can start applying right away. Practical, amusing, and inspirational.
— Pedram Farsaii, Amazon (formerly Washington Post)
Wow Sarah. Such an amazing experience and a perfect way to connect it to digital. Sometimes as developers and designers forget we’re designing for humans. The human connection and experience is what EVERYTHING is about. [Y]ou are an excellent speaker. Thanks for sharing this with us.
— Paul Hebron, KelbyOne