Think back to the last time you were truly delighted by a product, service, or experience. That long ago, eh?

As marketers, the goal of our efforts is pretty simple: engage customers to keep them coming back for more. Delight seems like a sure bet to achieve this goal. So why aren't we creating more delightful content, at scale? Turns out, it is because up until now, we didn't know what delight actually meant. Most people assume that delight is pleasure or happiness. Yet a new research study in the fields of consumer behavior and neuromarketing indicates something else entirely. These new insights prove that delight follows a precise, predictable pattern -- one that any business can implement for real results.

In this book, you'll learn a new blueprint for delight. In addition to hot-off-the-press research on delight, this book will contain stories of the most delightful products, services, and experiences out on the market -- and break down the formula behind their success. Turn your office into a delight-manufacturing warehouse by learning the tactics behind crafting delight, and start applying them again and again.


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