Speaking Topics

Sarah is a top-rated keynote speaker passionate about helping you craft irresistible experiences.

Sarah's speaking covers a range of topics related to the future of experience design and digital marketing, neuromarketing, user experience / customer experience, and service design. Audiences walk away inspired and eager to talk to real, live customers, understand what drives them, and design experiences that people not only can use, but will use.

Every keynote is designed to create meaningful, measurable improvements for attendees—popular at marketing and media conferences, corporate events, and team training.

Audiences range from 25 to 3,000 and her presentations are customized to meet the needs of each audience. She has presented talks and training ranging from 30 minutes to 5 days. Below are a list of Sarah's core topic areas. If you're not seeing what you need, just holler!



Understand the human brain, and how people process information and make decisions, at any point where brand and customer meets. 


Mind Games
Learn the cognitive science behind how the brain makes decisions, and today's top persuasive triggers that willhelp you craft experiences that connect with customers.

Future of Digital
Insights from neuromarketing can help us understand our customers now, and predict what's coming next.  compelling experiences that connect to your customers, both today and in the future.

Humanizing AI
Alexa doesn't work 40% of the time, and yet people still love her. We'll talk about what precisely makes a product that people can connect with on a real, human level. Hint: it's not just a name.




User Experience

From personas and journey maps, to in-depth ethnographic and marketing research, to using VR to experiment with customers about experiences before they're built, Sarah will inspire, entertain, and educate you on crafting irresistible user experiences. Even the most avid user researchers will learn techniques they've never tried before to gather meaningful insights about customer behavior. 


Lean-n-Mean UX
Learn the top hacks to your process that will allow you to build awesome products, faster. 

Are you a gorilla?
Guerrilla testing: ah, the subtle art of approaching people in public spaces and observing them test product. While guerrilla testing takes place in an informal setting, the best tests are far from impromptu. 

Words Matter
Create cohesive content that not only captures attention and boosts conversions, but also creates delight for customers. Learn to plan, measure, and optimize content that connects and engages based on psychographic user research.


Service Design

In the emerging discipline of Service Design, Sarah offers insights on deeply understanding customer behaviors and drivers, real-world service blueprinting, and bottom line success stories. A refreshing voice in this space, Sarah couldn't care less about quibbling over vocabulary terms. For her, it all comes down to deeply understanding customers, and spotting new opportunities to break the mold, experiment, and see what happens. Pretentious academics beware: this is real-world service design.



How to Manufacture Delight
As marketers, the goal of our efforts is pretty simple: engage customers to keep them coming back for more. Delight seems like a sure bet to achieve this goal. So why aren't we creating more delightful content, at scale? Turns out, it is because up until now, we didn't know what delight actually meant.

AI, Wearables, Drone Delivery, Oh My!
Explore touchpoints of the future, and mourn (oh-so-briefly) the death of the omni-channel experience. Purge this term from your vocabulary, please. Come imagine the future with me.

North Star
Strategic visioning brings teams together to co-create a vision & fuel blastoff growth. Learn a lean method for visioning deisnged to kickstart any project or business.




Not seeing what you're looking for? Try me

With a blend of humor, straight talk, and actionable steps, Sarah delivers that perfect blend of inspiration and tangible performance-improving insight to support you in reaching your user experience and digital marketing goals.