For nearly 15 years, Sarah Weise has been consulting for some of the biggest, baddest companies out there. 

As UX Director at Booz Allen Hamilton and subsequently Founder & CEO of Bixa, a DC-based woman-owned UX and Service Design agency, Sarah Weise has been at the forefront of historical website launches, has boosted e-commerce sales no one thought possible (think DVDs... In 2016), and has been put to the test at a time when tragedy struck and America needed to know. 

With a little humor and a sincere believe in reaching higher, Sarah is just who you need to inspire and coach you to produce the best possible experience for your customers, in quick-turnaround increments so you can see immediate progress. 

Over the course of her career, Sarah Weise has crafted irresistible experiences for 100+ brands: e-commerce, B2B, government, non-profit, and startup. She specializes in creative, timesaving ways to get to know customers. Her rich background includes research on empathy with a former FBI Hostage Negotiator, volunteering for a year at a suicide hotline to study connection in time-sensitive, high-stakes settings, and a Masters in business (designers, beware).

Sarah lectures at Georgetown University on digital marketing and experience strategy, is a co-founder of UX Masters Academy, and speaks at conferences worldwide. A handful of past conferences include MozCon, Sanoma's Get Tomorrow, Digital Summit, Internet Summit, Content Marketing Conference, and UXPA International. She has also been published in Journal of Digital Banking and Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing

It's never just a website, an app, a store, a package, a call line. It's an experience, and every touchpoint matters to your brand. Book Sarah today and let her do what she does best: educate, entertain, and empower you to reach your engagement goals. 

My favorite talk at Digital Summit this year. Sarah Weise is a master storyteller with memorable takeaways for building empathy into our digital lives. Will definitely be taking this back to my team.
— Viral MediaNews
Wow Sarah. Such an amazing experience and a perfect way to connect it to digital. Sometimes as developers and designers forget we’re designing for humans. The human connection and experience is what EVERYTHING is about. [Y]ou are an excellent speaker. Thanks for sharing this with us.
— Paul Hebron, KelbyOne