Peek under the hood, and let yourself chuckle at the confessions of a digital marketer. We hope you'll walk away with a smile, inspired to try new tips and shortcuts to make your digital strategy and end-to-end experience even better.

If you're on this site, you probably know me, Sarah Weise. I'm a UX Director at Booz Allen Digital Interactive, founder of the UX Masters Academy, and digital strategy coach in the DC area specializing in creative, timesaving ways to get to know customers and craft tangible experiences that connect and delight. I've recently published journal articles in Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing on a new lean approach to uncover your users' deep decision-making drivers through image-based interviews, and in Journal of Digital Banking on virtual reality as a way to test futuristic in-person experiences. I enjoy swimming, and consider microwavable socks a completely underrated invention.

If you don't know Mike, you're in for a treat. He's a former rap artist turned SEO guru and CEO of iPullRank in New York. Not only does he know more about SEO than almost anyone I know (I did say almost, Rand!) but he can also freestyle blindfolded about any object that's handed to him.

We're funny. We don't always agree. You'll love it. 

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These guys are funny. They know what they are talking about, and leave you with tips and tricks you can start applying right away. Practical, amusing, and inspirational.
— Pedram Farsaii, Washington Post